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We offer the largest library (3,000+ courses) of top-rated web-based, tuition-free courses for K-12, IT, Business, Management and Test Prep. Read more. NEF is the national nonprofit leader in providing tuition-free online training for unemployed and underemployed jobseekers. NEF’s goal is to provide online training to a million jobseekers during 2015-2016, on a first-come, first-served basis.Read More NEF is the national nonprofit leader in setting up STEM+ (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, English, Social Studies, SAT/ACT, IT, Business and Management) academies in disadvantaged K-12 school districts/schools/charter schools in the U.S. Read More We provide academic, digital and workforce training to disadvantaged students and adults in many countries including India, Egypt and Mauritius (training the entire population in Digital Literacy, IT and Soft Skills). Read More


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