NEF University Certification Quality Guarantee

NEF University Certification Quality Guarantee is your assurance that our courses will truly help prepare you to pass the certification exams that are covered by NEF University course series on the certification topic. If you fail to pass a certification exam after completing the appropriate NEF University course series, NEF University will refund your subscription cost. To be eligible to receive a refund:

1.   The exam taker must have received an overall score of at least 80% on each of NEF University courses within the applicable certification series of courses.

2.   The exam taker must complete the certification exam at an approved testing center within 30 days of completing the appropriate NEF University series of courses.

3.   You must send NEF University (i) printed copies of the scores for each NEF University skill assessment test within the course series, (ii) a signed copy of the complete and original test score sheet from the authorized testing center containing the exam taker’s name, the certification exam taken, the date the exam was taken and the failed exam score; and (iii) the exam taker’s complete business address including city, state and post/zip code (no P.O. boxes please).

All refund requests must be mailed to:

NEF University, Attn: Course Refunds,
1350 Beverly Rd, Suite 219
McLean, VA 22101

The amount refunded will be the per user subscription cost. The subscription cost paid by any one individual will only be refunded once.

NEF University reserves the right to suspend, terminate or change the terms and conditions of its Quality Guarantee Program at any time. NEF University failure to insist on or enforce strict performance of this Quality Guarantee Program shall not be construed as a waiver by NEF University. This shall not be interpreted to confer any rights or remedies on any third parties.

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