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K-12 STEM+ Grants

90% Matching Grants for disadvantaged (at least 35% of students on free/reduced cost lunch or on financial aid) K-12 school districts/schools/charter schools/colleges/nonprofits. NEF donates the top-quality online courses. Then, for a nominal fee of only $35 per student, per year, per subject, NEF provides Total Solution services (DSLMMTT) including Differentiated Learning, Stipends for the academy director and teachers, Learning Management System, Mentoring, Motivational rewards, Teacher Training and Tech Support.  On the average, a student can advance a grade level in math or reading in 25 learning hours on our system. Compare this to $2,000 per student per year schools spend on Federal Title I programs with much less success.  You can use Title I or other sources to pay the $35. Click here to apply for the grant.

K-12 QZAB Grants

Federally required 10% Matching Grants for disadvantaged K-12 school districts/schools/charter schools to secure $1 million to $30 million in Federal QZAB (Qualified Zone Academy Bonds) zero interest loan funds for renovation, energy efficiency, renewable energy, technology, teacher training, curriculum etc. Three billion dollars ($3 billion) are available to school districts nationally, with our 10% match and the mandatory QZAB academy. NEF can show eligible school districts how to transform the 15-year QZAB loan into a grant via guaranteed performance contracts for energy efficiency and renewable energy. We have provided QZAB matching grants for most QZAB-eligible (at least 35% of students on free/reduced cost lunch) school districts/charter schools nationally since 2002.  Click here for more information.

Workforce Development Grants

Tuition scholarships for jobseekers/employers/governments/nonprofits/corporations. NEF waives the tuition fee of $330+, and you pay only a registration fee of $70 for any IT/Business/Management/Project Management certifications/skill enhancement course packages. Over 60 IT and managementcertification course packages are available. Click here for more information.

Adopt-A-School Grants

When an employer/government/nonprofit contracts us to train 100 or more of its employees, NEF will set up a STEM+ CyberLearning academy in its name in a school of its choice at no cost to it. If it just wants us to set up a STEM+ academy in a school of its choice, we can do so for a fee of $35 per student per year per subject for disadvantaged schools and $70 for other schools.     To apply, please email

Matching Grants for Education & Training Programs

10% to 90% matching grants for schools/colleges/governments/employers/nonprofits seeking public/private grants requiring match. To apply, please email


Our match varies according to your needs. For example if your school district has more than 35% of students on free/reduced cost lunch, then we can provide a matching grant of 90%.


Grants are ongoing, and are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.


School Districts, Schools, Charter Schools, Community Colleges, Colleges, Universities, Non-Profits, Governments, Corporations.

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