Partnering with National Education Foundation

Any U.S. or Indian corporation/entity is eligible to partner with NEF to bring courses to your employees.


1. Click here to view our 3,000 top quality IT and Soft Skills eLearning courses grouped into several course packages. These courses cover:

  • IT — 100+ certifications in Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco, Oracle, Sun, Web Master, IT Security, A+, Net+, Security+ etc.
  • Soft Skills — Project Management certification and courses in communication, marketing, sales, negotiation, budgeting, time management, presentation, stress management, motivation, goal setting etc.
  • Customized Course Packages — We can also create customized course packages for you as we did for industry leaders Lockheed Martin and Wipro.

2. Request a complimentary ID for 24/7 access to all the 3,000 courses by clicking here.

3. Evaluate the courses and order course package IDs for employees at $120 per course package ID (regular fee $800, discount $680, you pay only $120 for 24/7 unlimited access for 6 months). Thus, you save at least 50-70% of your training cost. We can set up your eLearning academy the same day you place the order!

5. Provide us with a list of colleges/towns your company/entity wish to assist in India. We will provide full scholarships to a number of MIITE participants in those colleges/towns equal to the number of IDs you purchase. These scholarships will be given in your company’s/entity’s name.

6. Thus you will receive 100% of the CSR/PR/publicity at no cost to you. Your CEO or representative will be invited to present the scholarships to the MIITE participants in the college/town.

7. You may get additional local, national and global publicity if the college/town in India you selected is in the speaking and sprinting tour schedule of MIITE and NEF Chairman Dr. Appu Kuttan. At the colleges/towns he visits, Dr. Kuttan will first give a speech about his new book HAPPY EXECUTIVE- Nurturing Body, Mind and Soul to inspire young Indians to adopt a healthy and happy lifestyle he has practiced all his life. Then, to teach them by example, he will race the MIITE participants in a sprint race. Those who can beat the 73-year old Dr. Kuttan will receive a copy of his book or get free access to it. Your CEO or representative will be recognized as a chief guest for the event.

8. If you purchase 10,000 or more IDs, your CEO will be invited to:

  • The MITTE national launch of the project in a major Indian city by prominent Indian and U.S. leaders.
  • The MIITE Contest Finale live national TV award presentation ceremony presided over by prominent Indian and U.S. leaders.

For more information on the India initiative: Partnering | Contest | Training | Certification |Placement | Pilot Program Sponsors | News

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