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For more information on the GradPoint system, as well as introductory and explanatory videos, please click here.

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Complimentary Course Access


We also have available customized preview courses for you to view:

  • High School: Algebra 1 CCSS (prescriptive)
  • High School: English 3 CCSS (flex)
  • High School: Biology (find priview of the course at A (flex)
  • High School: US History A (flex)

Please find your login information, below:

Initial Login and Home Page

  1. Login with the Student account using the protocol/information below. Password is the same for all logins.
    Login: NEFdemo
    Password: password
  2. Please be sure to do the Browser Tune Up (available via the link below) on all computers you will be working from.
  3. Launch the Demo URL:
  4. The student dashboard will be the first page the student sees. On the left is a listing of items that are due or past due. On the right is a list of courses in which the student is enrolled and at the bottom any announcements that have been posted.
  5. To access a course simply click the “View” under any of the courses.
  6. Students can also view their grades, how they are doing regarding mastery of course objectives and time spent in the courses.

For help accessing these IDs, please call Steve at 315.665.1633 M-F 9-5 Eastern or email