What people say about National Education Foundation

clintonFormer President Bill Clinton to  NEF Chairman Dr. Kuttan:
“You are helping to empower tomorrow’s leaders. I salute you for your ongoing commitment for creating a better and stronger America.”

kathy-johnsonKathy Johnson, Advisor to the Governor of Alabama: “Dr. Kuttan, your generosity never ceases to amaze me. You are a blessing to so many, and your friendship is a blessing to me. I’m looking forward to getting a copy of your new Happy Executive book! I truly value our working relationship and friendship.”

Recent Quotes from School Districts

rick_ranalloRick RanalloStubenville, Ohio Superintendent: “I looked at all the STEM programs available, and found NEF’s Total Solution STEM+ academy system to be incredibly cost-effective– providing world-class STEM+ education at a fraction of the market cost. NEF provided us 50% matching grant, far more than the Federally mandated 10% match, and helped us to get $3 million in QZAB funds. We signed a 5-year agreement for the QZAB STEM+ academy funded by QZAB and NEF, thus requiring no out-of-pocket expenses. NEF also helped us to find an energy company and a bank to finance the QZAB at zero-interest.  NEF is also funding at no cost professional development academies for our teachers and parents, and certificates from NEF’s QZAB academy partner, the acclaimed State University of New York (SUNY). Delighted with the $3 million savings over 5 years, our board unanimously approved the project. I very much appreciate NEF’s passion for “preparing our students better for college and workforce, “ asmandated by the Federal QZAB law. NEF Chairman and philanthropist Dr. Appu Kuttan is my hero, since he helped me to bring to fruition my vision and legacy. I have invited Dr. Kuttan to launch the program on September 12, 2014 in the presence of our mayor, congressmen, senators, community leaders, students, teachers, parents and the press. At the event, Dr. Kuttan would also offer college scholarships to the QZAB academy students, an incredibly generous offer.”     

Dr. David Harris, DeSota Superintendent, Texas: “DeSoto ISD, like many other school districts, is still recovering from state budget cuts.  NEF and Dr. Art Stellar have been more helpful than I could have ever imagined.  His QZAB and academic expertise have given the students of DeSoto an opportunity to receive a first class learning environment.”

Jay Ehler Superintendent Sidney Public School, Nebraska: “NEF VP Art Stellar walked me right through the entire QZAB process and continues to answer questions as do others from NEF.  We are excited about the software used for matching funds.  We plan on using the software for interventions, credit recovery, homework practice and enhancement of core curriculums.  We have over $1.7 million in our allocation that will be used for building improvements and energy savings ideas that are much needed in our district.”

Larry Mills, Superintendent, Balko, OK: NEF and Dr. Stellar have been instrumental in guiding our Board through the initial information stage, and then assisted us in completing the application for our QZAB Bond.  Their knowledge and total support allowed us to complete the process very quickly and efficiently to secure QZAB funds.”

St. Landry School District, LA QZAB Academy Director

camella_1“Through the CyberLearning QZAB (Quality Zone Academic Bond) academy program, our students achieved a 40% improvement in math using the CyberLearning courses and rewards such as iPods . In all my years, I have never come across a visionary education leader as Dr. Kuttan, who cares deeply about the education of students, and provides all the resources needed.” — Camella Mouton

Read the full text of their recommendation letter here: St. Landry, LA School District: August 2011 letter

NEF offers a full educational  solution for districts including customized learning, stipends for academy director, teacher training, motivational rewards to help increase student success and extra help with reading, math, science and social studies.” — Kirsten DeMento

Read the full text of their recommendation letter here: Watervliet School District, NY: August 2011 letter

“I have been profoundly impressed not only with the level of quality and professionalism, but also with the personal care and commitment shown by the NEF staff and Dr. Kuttan.”  – Lesley Grady

Read the full text of their recommendation letter here: Central IL School District: Letter of August 2011

I cannot overstate my satisfaction with your willingness to coordinate our most utilized courses with New York State Standards. CyberLearning is one of the most cost-effective K-12 programs. Thank you for your dedicated commitment to our children and your innovative integrated practical approach to enhancing K-12 education.” — Richard C. Walters

Read the full text of their recommendation letter here: Jamestown, NY School District: August 2011 letter

Our students have been very successful in increasing their scores on the SAT tests as a direct result of using the SAT review program.” — Judy Brink

Read the full text of their recommendation letter here: Liberty, NY School District: August 2011 letter

“I took the QuickBooks course from NEF and quickly learned the software. The result was amazing, not only was I able to perform these tasks easily but efficiently as well.”

“NEF has proven to be a very useful tool here at Port Chester High School. There are approximately 230 student accounts and 30 teacher accounts. The students saw a definite upswing in their SAT scores from previous testing; especially those who attended the workshop regularly and continued the course at home on their own…”

Ed Lewis, Lockheed Martin 

“…significant amount of flexibility and customization…”

“NEF worked very closely with Lockheed Martin to ensure that the course was meeting all our needs. In addition NEF was very responsive to requested updates and changes to the course. This was truly a ‘client comes first’ environment with a significant amount of flexibility and customization. The development stayed on schedule and implemented high quality.”

Dr. Robert J.Duncan, Jr., President, Bacone College, OK

“We are excited about the opportunity to build the bridge that will span the vast digital divide among Native Americans by utilizing the NEF grant of $500,000.”

Arthur Kobel, Collier County, FL

At the Collier Academy, a DJJ facility for youths in Immokalee Florida, students are assigned to one of the Business Skills, Technical Microsoft Package, It or Web Development packages through CyberLearning. These packages afford the students the opportunity to enhance their skills in computer use. This opportunity is beyond what the normal path would be in high school, affording them enhanced computer literacy skills.

Dr. Chonita Spencer, Guidance Chairperson, Arts High School, NJ

“I recommend that NEF in-school and afterschool programs be provided to all eligible students of the Newark Public Schools and school districts throughout our state”

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