Message from NEF to State QZAB Directors March 16, 2015

Dear State QZAB director,

Please help us update your state QZAB allocations available to LEAs in your state. Just click “reply,” complete the info below and click “send.”

2013 Allocation: $ __________________

2014 Allocation: $ __________________

According to the House and Senate leadership, you have to:

  1. Do your best to get most of the QZAB funds from 2013 and 2014 allocations utilized. If at least 80% of the QZAB funds are not deployed, Congress may not extend the QZAB.
  2. Include provisions requiring school districts to set up new QZAB academies to “prepare students better for college and workforce” as required by the QZAB law. Please emphasize this in your QZAB application to ensure QZAB extension.

sep 10, 2014 –
With the support of the AASA, we will be glad to assist your school districts by giving the most recognized and effective 10% match and the QZAB academy by the acclaimed State University of New York (SUNY), both mandated by the QZAB law. We have donated over $100 million in 10% match since 2000.

Our Foundation can help any interested school districts to secure QZAB funds. Please ask them to contact us at for the mandated 10% match, the required QZAB academy subsidized by our Foundation, and assistance with financing at no fee. We will be glad to assist them, and thus demonstrate to the Congress that, working together, we CAN help to get 80% of the QZAB funds committed, while helping students in the QZAB academies receive world-class STEM+ education mapped to every state’s and national standards. Our main concern – U.S. is ranked in the bottom 20% in STEM education globally!

Our QZAB academy also provide free professional development for teachers, and Job skills training for parents.

Working together, we CAN make a difference (our mission) in the lives of millions of our QZAB-eligible school district students, teachers and parents!

Thank you. Have a great day!