NEF’s Invitation to Senators, House Members and Superintendents

May 8, 2014

The National Education Foundation (NEF), the national nonprofit leader in STEM+ education and QZAB, and SUNY (State University of NY), and NEF Chairman Dr. Appu Kuttan would like to invite you to NEF’s 2013-14  National  STEM+ Leadership AWARD ceremony on 5/28/14 at Valley View, PA.

The Award recognizes Tri-Valley School District’s extra-ordinary accomplishment in advancing their students a grade level in MATH in 22 learning hours on the NEF CyberLearning Total System. The PSL-MM-TT system includes Personalized learning using the  top-rated (by the US Education Department) Web-based courses, Stipends, Learning management system, Mentoring, Motivational rewards for students, teachers and parents, Teacher training and Tech support.

The NEF STEM+ academies are implemented by the State University of NY (SUNY) and local universities at a fee which is a fraction of Title I fees funded by the taxpayers.

NEF STEM+ academies guarantee student performance.

Travel Information: The closest International airport is Harrisburg, PA

Please RSVP to Tamara Stephens, or  703-823-9999

We will send you the Schedule for the Day (May 29, 2013)

PS. Merit Award winners: Seattle, WA & Warren County, PA