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Former President Bill Clinton to NEF Chairman Dr. Kuttan:clinton
“You are helping to empower tomorrow’s leaders. I salute you for your ongoing commitment for creating a better and stronger America.”




Mr. Ravi Sharma, Mumbai

……the project management course is amazing…….thanks; I am now ready to take the PMI examination.

Ms. Ashwini, Bengaluru

Happy to tell you, just cleared the CISCO certification. The entire credit goes to SUNY’s certification courses……very, very informative, comprehensive, highly illustrated, and educative……designed exclusively to take certification courses. Thanks, Dr. Kuttan, but for “Appuji Scholarships”, I could not have afforded the course.

Dr. Giriraj, Bengaluru

I am a professor in internal medicine. I took the digital literacy course of the NEF. Well-structured, comprehensive, easy-to-understand tutorials, and above all, I wasn’t charged a single rupee. I am now thorough in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. I have asked all of my students, including the PGs to compulsorily take this course. A suggestion, I found 80% for a pass on the higher side. I could get this after three attempts. Consider making it to 70%. Thanks, Dr. Kuttan for your big heart. Such an excellent program is priceless.

Ms. Shwetha Murthy, Mysore

I recently completed the Project Management program. The course content and presentation are par excellence. The online mentors were dedicated and were available all the time. The course that I took is 10 times better than the commercially available courses. The fee too was most affordable. But for you, I could not have afforded an advanced course in Project Management.

Prof. (Dr.) Mubashir Angolkar, Belagavi

Greetings! Thanks for following up. The courses I am taking are very informative and simple to understand. Course tests are also well designed. I am not having any problems so far except the time limit…….

Ms. Geeta Solanke, Bengaluru

I passed out of the Certificate Program in Business Analytics. It fetched me an immediate placement in an MNC. The program is extremely useful, and I am not wrong if I say that it is a must for all management students and working professionals to undergo this program. Apart from the placement, the program

Mr. Kalpesh, Bengaluru

I did my MBA from …….University, Bengaluru. I was campus recruited by an IT company. They handle projects of a company in the US. I was posted to the BIG DATA CENTER. I could not follow the head and tail of what the techies were talking about. I felt ashamed and wanted to leave the job. Then I came to know about NEF INDIA. I decided to take up the Certificate Program on BIG DATA ANALYTICS. Trust me, after I completed the program, my colleagues were stunned to see me meaningfully participating with them in official discussions. The program gave me an in-depth understanding of BIG DATA. Recently, I got a raise in my salary, because my boss finds me very good. Thank you so much Appuji. I am grateful to you. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to NEF INDIA.

Ms. Vasantha, Vizag

…….the Business Analytics Program gave me a huge advantage and helped me improve my productivity on the job. I recommend this program is a must to all, be it engineers or managers.

Mr. Devanath G, MBA from……, Bengaluru

…….thanks to National Education Foundation for providing me a wonderful opportunity to learn concepts in Project Management……thanks ….a scholarship from NEF. Thanks to Dr. Appu Kuttan sir for this. He is God-sent. We are looking forward to more skill enhancement and Job Ready Courses. We are also looking forward to the support from NEF for our placement. I hereby say that I will join hands with NEF to build a better India for the good of all.